Chair : Dr. Chawalit Jeenanunta

 School of Management Technology (MT)

 Head of Logistics and Supply Chain Systems Engineering Research Unit and

 Centre for Demonstration and Technology Transfer of Industry 4.0 (LogEn i4.0)

 Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT)

 Thammasat University, Thailand

                                         Email: chawalit@siit.tu.ac.th


Topic: Application of Simulation to Teach Lean Automation Concept



1. Laptop with Internet Explorer version 7 – 11 and Install Microsoft Silverlight

2. Internet access




For those who are interested in joining the workshop are requested to register in order to send participants user name and password to access GD.findi.



The objective of this workshop is to introduce the concept of designing lean automation using the production simulation on Cloud, GD.findi, by Lexer Research Inc. We will build simple automation model and work on the simulation result to interactively navigate detailed simulation record data using production cockpit and output visualizer, Material Flow Chart. Participants will learn how to design the initial work in process and machine cycle time that could improve the efficiency of the production line. Moreover, participants could get hand on with the teaching material that they could also adopt for teaching an introduction simulation class for a semester long. At the end of the workshop, the advance concept on optimization and scheduling on cloud utilizing the API to interface with GD.findi Massively Parallel Simulation Computing (PVDO) will also be introduced.



Name: David Chua, National University of Singapore

E-mail: ceedavid@nus.edu.sg